Again (stehee)

About This Project

acrylic on glass, wood
10.6 x 42.5 x 42.5 cm

‘Again (stehee)’ is a sculpture consisting of eight glass slabs on each of which the same portion of the architectural plan of the Basilica of Santo Stefano of Bologna has been drawn. Supported by wooden bases, the plates are placed on each other in different positions and, intersectingly, creating an articulated, composite, geometric and multiformed image, extremely different from the original static figure which is now dissolved.
Apparently unitary, the result dissolves in the reflexes and the optical games that originate during the attempt to observe the work, rendered unstable by its formal and material quality. The thickness of the glass draws further visual levels, as the refraction of the surrounding light colors the edges, dilating the boundaries of the graphic representation as well as its decipherability.
[Text by Alessandra Franetovich]